21st Century Learning in an Elementary School Classroom

Regarding the article located at: http://thecornerstoneforteachers.com/2012/05/what-does-21st-century-learning-look-like-in-an-elementary-school.html

This article, dated May 25, 2012, discusses ways technology can be used in an elementary classroom setting. This is important to me, because as the parent of four young children, I usually can only find articles relating to the older grade levels (middle and high school). Children today become computer savvy at a very young age. Kids can use computers, cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices better than many adults. Elementary age readers are reading books on a tablet (like Nook or Kindle) rather than checking books out of their school library. So, using computers and other forms of technology in an elementary age setting would only spark more interest in learning for these young children.

As stated in the article, “The purpose of technology used in a 21st century classroom should be to connect students with their world and enable them learn from others and to share their own ideas. It should also be used to differentiate the curriculum so that students are learning on their own developmental levels and are able to pursue their unique interests and passions.” I agree completely with the author’s thoughts about using technology in the classroom. Each child is different in many ways. He/she learns differently, has different interests and learns at different speeds than his/her peers.

The article also states that the goal of using technology in a  classroom should be ” to help each child communicate, collaborate, and exercise creativity and critical thinking while both consuming and producing content that connects them with their world in ways that are personally meaningful and relevant.” This article provides helpful links for more information on how to incorporate technology into an elementary classroom. The author also suggests ways to introduce technology slowly into the curriculum.

I found this article very interesting and helpful. I look forward to reviewing the suggested links to websites with more information about incorporating technology into a classroom with elementary age children.





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